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The Fate of Your Home is in Our Hands!

My Fate Interiors are a customer based online e-furniture store. We are the first UK based company offering customers single purchase deals as well as entire room package deals. This means you can pick up everything you need for any room, in your home, all at once and we guarantee you will save up to 70%

We understand and appreciate our economy is currently struggling and that times are hard. We also understand in these difficult times money is tight, therefore we would like to offer you, our customers to look no further but here! We have what you want! We let you, our customers decide on your furniture, your design, at prices convenient to you. We let our customers tell us their highest budget and the type of furniture you are interested in and we will 110% deliver!

We acknowledge today’s modern world and provide those customers with any furniture they desire for their modern home. However, we also believe there are customers who long for the vintage look and feel, for their home. We would like those customers to know we are here to cater to your needs too. We are happy to offer you the most extensive furniture ranges from the newest and the finest classic, contemporary and vintage styles ever anticipated. Whether you are designing or refurbishing your complete home or half of your home, My Fate Interiors has what you need, we have the stock and we are here to provide you with the ability to renovate with confidence, style, comfort, and a ever lasting luxurious finish to any part of your home.

We believe it is equally important to have the same passion and enthusiasm when decorating or re-decorating childrens bedrooms. We promise to provide you with incomparable prices whether you are purchasing solitary items or package deals for his or her bedroom. We know sometimes our childrens need more space than us; therefore My Fate Interiors provide our customers with the most exuberant and unendingly extravagant childrens furniture of every colour there is available. Our childrens furniture is simple and spacious saving our parents the relentless tidying up after their children

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