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These services include ‘Order NOW’ and we will stock it for you for later. This is for those customers who are away from home or are looking to buy a home or rent a home but are still waiting for confirmation. You can come to us and choose what packages you would like for your home and we will stock your purchase for up to 4 weeks before your move-in date. Also, customers who would like to buy now so we can hold on to their items whilst they look around for better deals else where. If another store beats our deal, we will beat their deal so you can still purchase your stocked items.

We understand sometimes good deals can escape us because they usually come around at an inconvenient time, so we are here to help you with this. You can secure those deals for yourself with just 20% deposit of your total sale and we will stock those deals away only for you, so that you too get the best deals like everyone else around you!

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